Immaculate Conception Cathedral (F-1701)
5800 Roxas City, Capiz
Tel. 621-0617

Population: 60,229
Catholics: 58,205
Titular: Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8
Parish Priest: Most Rev. Onesimo C. Gordoncillo, D.D.
Parochial Vicars: Fr. Reynaldo Villanoy, Fr. Ferdinand Bolante, Fr. Erwin Bombaes, Fr. Josel Beltran


History of the Parish of
Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral
Roxas City

Roxas City was formerly called Capiz.  Capiz came from the word "Kapris", a kind of shell still common today.  As a town, it was founded in 1693, as a parish, in 1707.

In spite of its having been destroyed several times by the moros, Capiz became the capital of the province around the middle of 18th century due to its strategic location and prosperity.

The Capizeņos have always been friendly and peace-loving.  Only once was the public order disturbed during the Spanish regime. This happened during the time of Governor Duran who committed so many injustices.  As a result of these rampant abuses around 1,000 rose up against Duran. The timely intervention of the parish priest saved Duran his life; but only after he swore to correct the abuses.

When Capiz became a diocese in 1951, Msgr. Vicente Gonzales was the incumbent parish priest. He was succeeded by the following: Msgr. Edmundo Fuerte, Msgr. Vicente Hilata, and Archbishop Onesimo C. Gordoncillo, the present parish priest.


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