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Statement of the CBCP Administrative Council

  1. Crisis is always a challenge, and an opportunity.  It is God's way  of  directing  us  to  united action.  We have just passed through a grave crisis.  This is a time of thanksgiving,  a time of sincere evaluation.

    We are grateful to God for guiding our duly constituted government leaders to decisive judgment, and to immediate action.  We thank God for having inspired loyalty and  courage in the officers and soldiers defending the legitimate  government, and for having preserved from harm the  President  of the Philippines.
  2. Yet  all  of us--especially  those  in  positions of leadership in the church and in government -- are called by the Lord today to examine the basic roots of the problems that brought about dissatisfaction and unrest among military personnel, farmers, workers, teachers, and other sectors of society.

    This sincere evaluation  will require the subordination of  personal  and  sectoral interests to the greater good of the country.  It will require the renunciation of violence to achieve change.  We must realize that sacrifice is needed to bring about unity, justice, and peace.
  3. We  pray  that  God  will continue to protect our people.  We ask for light to see the root cause of  our social problems; we ask for the grace of radical conversion; we ask for the courage and strength to forge  unity among ourselves.  And  we pray to the Lord for all the casualties of the recent crisis.
  4. This is the National Eucharistic Year.  We ask all the members of the Church, who are strengthened by One Bread, to realize that we are  truly One Body.  We  are  called  by God to work together, so that our nation may become One People,  united in mind, and united in heart.

For the CBCP Administrative Council:

Archbishop of Cebu
CBCP President
September 4, 1987

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