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'Mothers Festival' set May 12

After the successful gathering of fathers for a day of reflection and sharing last March, the focus now turns to mothers, as the Philippine Church holds a "Mother's Festival" on May 12, the traditional celebration of Mothers' Day.

The event is part of a series of Festivals to be held throughout the year in preparation for the 4th World Meeting Families, which the Philippines is hosting in January.

The "Mothers' Festival" will be held at the College of St. Benilde and features a program of events to honor mothers for their special role in the family and provide opportunities for reflection and interaction among the women themselves.  Registration begins at 7 a.m., with breakfast available from the booths that will be set up in a bazaar area.  The Eucharistic Celebration at 9 a.m. presided by Manila Auxiliary Bishop Socrates Villegas precedes the opening ceremonies, featuring a parade of women in regional costumes, and welcome by Ambassador Henrietta de Villa.

A song and movement interpretation led by Jeanne Young and other women and children will be followed by the Keynote Address on "Gift of Motherhood" by Esther Esteban.  The rest of the morning session includes a Pantomime by the Arugaan Group, an audio-visual presentation on Threats to Motherhood, and a discussion on the same subject by Marilou Diaz-Abaya, and a song and prayer for a child led by Jeanne Young.

The bazaar will be open all through the lunch break, and exhibits, demonstrations and mini-lectures will be held for the delegates.

The afternoon events include a presentation of songs by renowned artists, an audio-visual presentation on the role of motherhood in nation building, a talk on "How Mary Would Have Lived Today" by Sr. Briege McKenna, OSC, and a Marian song number by Pinky Marquez.

The Festival ends with a presentation on the 4th World Meeting of Families by Ambassador de Villa and an audio-visual presentation on the forthcoming event, the theme of the 4th World Meeting of Families, by Jaime Rivera.

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